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Public Servant. Father. Leader.


About René Tessier

René Tessier was born in Edmonton and raised in Beaumont since the age of four. He studied Business Management at MacEwan University and is a Firefighter with the City of Edmonton. René got his start in the fire rescue service as a volunteer firefighter for Beaumont Fire Services where he worked for eleven years including four years as the Alpha Shift Captain.

René is passionate about sports and recreation and has always considered hockey one of his favourite past times. René has played and coached for the Beaumont Amateur Hockey Association and the Beaumont Chiefs and also played for the MacEwan University Griffins hockey team.

The Tessier family has deep roots in Beaumont’s history. René’s great grandparents moved to Beaumont in 1910 and later ran the town's only gas/mechanic station. Currently René, his wife and three kids reside in Beaumont along with René’s parents, siblings and grandparents. René is excited for his children to enjoy the same small town sense of community he experienced growing up while also seeing the city continue to thrive and flourish in ways that bring more valued opportunities to its residents.


Passionate For Our Community

I have a deep sense of connection and passion for Beaumont and want to see it continue to thrive. I will work hard to ensure Beaumont grows sensibly and keeps the strong sense of community that has kept me and my family here for years.

Champion For Recreation Services

Due to the limitations of our current recreation facilities, families are having to travel outside of Beaumont to other communities for activities such as hockey and baseball practices/games. I believe we can improve our community planning to ensure these recreational needs are being addressed and prioritized in the city’s short and long range plans.

Committed To A Safer Beaumont

As the city continues to grow it is crucial that our emergency services sector adapts to accommodate the increased population and ensures proper emergency response. Currently the City of Beaumont has only one ambulance which is regularly utilized by the City of Edmonton and there is inconsistent RCMP coverage.

Dedicated To Public Service And Transparency

I am a person you can reach any time, day or night. I will always strive to take the time to have an open conversation with members of the community. Listening to varying perspectives on a topic or issue helps ensure an in-depth understanding and the most optimal outcomes.

Fiscally Responsible

We need to encourage long-term business investment in order to decrease the residential tax burden to fund city services. The newly approved “Beaumont Innovation Park” has the potential to bring about substantial economic development, however it will be crucial to secure more businesses and investments for the project in order to ensure financial viability and success. Attention to detail and budget management are of the utmost importance when reviewing future expenditures.

Why vote for me?

Living in Beaumont since 1992 I have seen our city grow substantially. As this growth continues it is more important than ever to ensure the needs of our residents are fully considered when choosing how and where we expend our resources. Providing proper recreation services for community members and their families as well as ensuring the quality and safety of our emergency services are important considerations as we look forward. Honouring the small town sense of community while growing sensibly is key to the success of our city.

Public Servant



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